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Managing People Through Change Training Course

Managing People Through Change Training Course

2 Days Crawley £770.00+VAT
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Our Managing People Through Change course provides an understanding of how change affects teams of people in a work environment and how those teams can then contribute to the wider business. The course will help managers to recognise the impact of change within teams and how to enable teams to meet the new challenges and opportunities that change creates. It will help managers and team leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude required to positively influence how teams of people experience and approach change.

This course is designed for managers, supervisors and team leaders who are working on projects involving aspects of change and leading teams of people going through change. It will be useful for those experiencing one-off major changes or multiple smaller changes.

Training course objectives:

  • Establish clear goals for change programmes
  • Review the stages encountered during change programmes
  • Assess the state of change activities
  • Recognise the impact of change on individuals and organisations
  • Develop a strategy for dealing with resistance to change
  • Prioritise the activities of your team according to clear goals
  • Recognise success factors during change
  • Explore various communication activities required during change
  • Develop a communication plan for change programmes
  • Understand how to minimise the negative impact of change on your team

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What is change?

  • Understanding what change is
  • Why change happens

Establishing goals for change

  • The various impacts of change on society, organisations and individuals

Understanding the change phase curve

  • Understanding the process of change and how that affects people and organisations
  • Examine various phases of change programmes
  • Recognising where teams are in the process of change

Personal impact of change

  • Various change programme case studies
  • A balanced approach to change affecting organisations

Dealing with resistance to change

  • How people respond to change
  • Understanding other peoples perspectives throughout change
  • Confronting resistance during change

Implementing change activities

  • Establishing the priorities of competing change activities
  • What are the success factors of change

Managing and leading a team during change

  • What activities need to be done right and what needs to be done differently
  • Prioritising work to get the right things done at the right time
  • Prioritising activities to meet the future opportunities


  • What impacts communication and understanding
  • Developing a clear communication plan

Learning plan for action steps

  • Putting the learning in place
  • Developing an action plan for managing your team during change

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